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Our Mission

Sustainable Growth will assist organizations in pursuit of developing and improving their community in an inclusive manner that balances economic prosperity with environmental and social justice. We believe that progress for communities has more value when the future is considered, and investments are made to ensure resiliency and long-term prosperity. This means being conscious of the needs of all community members and protecting our environment and resources when exploring opportunities for developing our communities.  


Sustainable Growth is a consulting firm specializing in community development initiatives. We are committed to delivering support that builds resilient, inclusive, and environmentally conscious communities. Additionally, we value collaborative community-driven efforts, as we believe this is essential to the success of all the services we provide. 


Not-for-profit Organizational and Strategic Development 

Assist with establishing not-for-profits and help identify and execute organizational and strategic development work. 

Project and Program Development 

Develop comprehensive plans for projects and programs based on the client's specific goals and resources. 


Grants Management 

Assist with all aspects of the grant lifecycle, from grant research and writing to budget management, grant administration and execution, evaluation, and reporting.

Our Core Values

The following values define our organization and guide the services we provide. 

  • Exemplary Service for Clients and the Communities They Serve

  • Inclusion and Empowerment of Community Members

  • Integrity in Business

  • Social Justice and Equality

  • Environmental Protection and Preservation

  • Professional Excellence

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